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On the job training:

Is workplace training, where you get the opportunity to apply the theory and learn the hands on skills required. With a diverse nature, EGT Host Employers have the ability to provide all of the practical training necessary to enable apprentices to reach their full potential.

Over the term of the apprenticeship, EGT apprentices enjoy a wide variety of workplace experiences available throughout the electrical industry. This can range from residential installations including various facets of cottage work, new work, repair work, or extensions to heavy industrial work, to switchboard manufacture and installation.

Communications and cabling skills are also available, as are the diverse range of skills associated with the commercial sector of the industry. At EGT we pride ourselves on being able to offer training experiences to all our apprentices, which are second to none.

These work experiences are recorded over the term of the apprenticeship and made available at the completion of your training. Which, then becomes a reference guide for future employers.

Off the job training:

It is competency-based and has been integrated into a workplace training arrangement. Training may be offered as a block course of up to eight weeks or as one day a week basis throughout the college year. Attendance at off the job training component provides essential skills required and is compulsory for all apprentices.