"I am really grateful to be an apprentice with EGT. I started as a mature aged apprentice with EGT back in October 2010. I am now half way into my 4th year and I have enjoyed every bit of the journey. My apprenticeship with EGT has gone very smoothly and to their credit; EGT provided excellent opportunities and great support for me and to all their apprentices.I am very pleased with EGT’s high standard of training and the dedication they give to their apprentices.

EGT field officers do a really great job monitoring and mentoring apprentices throughout the apprenticeship in both, on and off the job training. They are a friend and a mentor to me.I encourage anyone considering an electrical apprenticeship to approach EGT, as they ensure the success of their apprentices. Being with EGT enabled me flexibility to experience the different fields of the electrical industry.The most important aspect of EGT that I have been happy with, is their approach towards health and safety. I have really come to appreciate and acknowledge EGT’s high OSH standard. EGT ensures, to the best of their ability that each apprentice is trained to work and think safe.It has been a fantastic experience and a great journey working for EGT."

Ilias Shaw

“The best thing about being an apprentice with EGT is the mentoring support from your appointed Field Officer. All the Field Officers with EGT are electrically qualified, therefore providing me with the correct industry based advice and general support. Over the last three years of my apprenticeship my Field officer has assisted to ensure I’m placed with Host Employers that will further my experience and knowledge, leading me towards the pathway I would like to take when I become qualified.”

Sarah Jayne Flatters

"I'm a 4th year apprentice and have been really happy with my apprenticeship. I've only had one host employer; however, have moved around within the company and had exposure to all aspects of the industry including commercial, industrial, domestic, service work and communications. I've had the opportunity to work in Perth and away. In a lot of ways, my experience has felt like a direct indenture arrangement with the added advantage of EGT's monitoring and support. My apprenticeship has been all smooth sailing; I've had a good grounding and in a couple of years I'd like to start my own business".

Brett Glaskin

"In the year I've spent with EGT, I have had a variety of opportunities. I've stayed with one host employer the whole time, but had the chance to move around within their company gaining experience across a range of areas. I've worked within the mining sector, done domestic work as well as industrial projects. Although I've only had one host employer, I like the fact that I can request a different host employer if I want to move on or get some different work experience. EGT also specialise in electrical apprenticeships, rather than trying to cover a whole bunch of industries. They understand the industry, which makes them easy to work with. I'm enjoying my apprenticeship with EGT and the experience I'm getting through my host employer".

Dylan Ginnelly

"I've now finished my apprenticeship through EGT and I am working as a tradesman with my former host employer Vision Cabling. I stayed with Vision Cabling for my whole apprenticeship; they are a large company that does a broad variety of electrical and communications' installations, some of these include corporate electrical fit-out's, intelligent lighting control systems, fibre optic splicing and large scale commercial data centres. Throughout my apprenticeship, EGT offered a range of extra training courses, which I took advantage of to expand my knowledge and skills. Working with other apprentices has given me an awareness of the benefits of my apprenticeship through EGT. In addition to the breadth of experience, it's given me a sense of teamwork, a stable footing within the industry and confidence in my working career. My Field Officer encouraged me to apply for the industry awards that were available and as a result I went on to win the Communications Category of the WA NECA apprentice awards and was Silver Medallist for the EGT Apprentice of the Year (4th Year) Award. Winning those awards was one of the many highlights of my apprenticeship as it recognised me for my skills in the electrical and communications industry".

Gavin Simmonds

"I've completed my electrical apprenticeship through EGT. Whilst doing my apprenticeship, I had six host employers and I learned a lot about the electrical industry. I had the chance to work in smaller companies as well as larger ones and made lots of new contacts and friends within the various host companies.

In addition to the electrical knowledge and experience, I also gained a lot of life skills. EGT supported me all through my apprenticeship. They funded extra courses so that I could broaden my potential such as the Certificate IV Electrical Instrumentation. They also provided very good quality PPE and encouraged verbal feedback during their field visits. My apprentice was a great experience".

Max Doyle

"My apprenticeship with EGT has been great. I've been lucky to have really good placements and have worked in a range of different places and fields.

My Field Officers have all looked after me and have been there for me whenever I've needed it. I particularly appreciated Charlie's support when he nominated me for the 2010 NECA WA Commercial/Domestic Award, which I subsequently won.

It was fantastic opportunity and wasn't something I would have applied for without his encouragement. My apprenticeship has been a good experience and I would recommend EGT to those considering an electrical career.

Paul Solarz

"EGT have provided me with some excellent opportunities that I would not have been presented with had I been directly indentured. EGT have arranged most of my job placements and I’ve always had the option to rotate to another placement if I’ve wanted to move on and do something different. With such a large industry and so many avenues this provided me with a broad range of training and experience. They’ve provided support through via their Field Officers, who have kept track of my apprenticeship and have always been there to talk to if I’ve needed it.

EGT have a strong focus on training and work safety and they consistently monitored my college results to make sure everything was on track. They have also given me the chance to do additional training so that I can improve my skills and knowledge base.

My apprenticeship with EGT has gone very smoothly and has given me a chance to get solid skills and experience in the ever-expanding electrical industry."

Matthew Bamborough

"I joined Electrical Group Training as a mature age apprentice through the Army Reserve Traineeship and Apprenticeship Program (ARTAP). I have enjoyed my apprenticeship and appreciate the opportunity to develop valuable and enduring skills in a trade that offers such a variety of specialty and skill areas.

EGT has provided lots of opportunities to work in across different parts of the industry and that range of experience has given me a better idea of what I want to do and where I want to go; I’ve had the chance to gain commercial, industrial and mining experience, which has been great. EGT have also offered assistance through access to additional training such as EWP, PLC, solar and instrumentation, which has given me extra skills and qualifications.

EGT’s focus on its apprentices and specialisation in the electrical industry gives it the capacity to really look after their apprentices, give good placements and maintain high OSH standards. As apprentices we have our own Field Officer, and I’ve appreciated that I’ve been able to call him whenever I’ve had any issues or concerns.

Overall EGT provide a really high level of support as well as a broad range of opportunities that have helped me make the most of my apprenticeship and set me up for where I want to go."

Emma Potter

"I’ve really enjoyed my apprenticeship with EGT. I’ve been working with the same host employer since I started and it’s gone very well. I’ve now finished all my TAFE work and am focussing on completing the final stage of my apprenticeship.

Although I’ve only had 1 host employer, knowing that EGT have had the flexibility to move me around to different placements if I needed has been reassuring. I’ve been lucky with the placement and experience that I’ve received as it has provided me with great all round knowledge of the electrical industry. I have found having a field officer checking up on me regularly throughout my apprenticeship has been extremely helpful, whether it was providing me with the required PPE equipment or encouraging me to nominate for several apprentice awards.
EGT have provided me with a range of opportunities that I wouldn’t have had elsewhere, for example the chance to apply for industry awards such the NECA awards and the GTA WA awards. It’s been a great experience to be involved in that process and I would recommend anyone thinking of becoming and electrician to apply through EGT.
My apprenticeship has all been good and has set me up for a great career."

Tom Peckitt