72 - Electric Shock

Safety Alert
72 – Electric Shock

19 March 2018

An EGT apprentice was working with a tradesman at a residential address that was under renovation. The apprentice was shown by the tradesman the area around an architrave switch that needed plastering. Normally this task would be carried out by a painter, but had been missed.

The switch plate mechanism was unscrewed and removed from the wall by the tradesman, exposing live parts. The apprentice then began to plaster around the switch, moving the plate that was hanging out from the wall side-to-side, when he made contact between active and switch wire with his left little finger.

The following photo shows the architrave switch.

Root Cause
The tradesman failed to isolate the circuit and did not comply with Reg.50 of the Electricity (Licensing) Regulations 1991.


Contributing Factors

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