96 - Blade Related Injuries

Safety Alert 96

Blade Related Injuries


30 August 2021

Did you know?

The most common risk when using sharp blades or edges is an injury occurring such as a cut (laceration/ puncture), amputation or even a more severe life-threatening injury such as the severing of major blood vessels.

Tools or equipment with sharp blades or edges can include knives, box cutters, Stanley knives, conduit cutters etc.

Recent incidents at EGT

In the last month, EGT apprentices have experienced three injuries resulting from the use of knives or the incorrect use of sharp-bladed tools.

The following video re-enacts the 8 August incident and advises on what the correct procedure is for using a conduit cutter:


To prevent a further occurrence of injuries of this nature, all ECA WA employees (including EGT apprentices) are to note the following:


For further information regarding this Safety Alert, please contact EGT on (08) 6241 6100 or speak with your Field Officer.