Electric Shock

Safety Alert: Electric Shock

Safety Alert No: 34


Tradesman asked apprentice to connect a series of light fittings within the common/reception area of an office fit out. The Apprentice completed his EGT Risk Assessment book for the day. Apprentice identified ‘isolation’ as a key issue within his Risk Assessment. Apprentice & Tradesman failed to utilise, sign on and adhere to the company prepared JSA for the associated works, prior to commencing the job (Apprentice was unaware of the company prepared generic JSA). Apprentice commenced work by drilling a series of holes in the ceiling (approx 100mm diameter). Apprentice, while on his 6’ step ladder, placed his arm into the hole to locate the 413 socket within the ceiling space. After locating the socket, he plugged the pre-prepared plug and lead into the socket.The pre-prepared ends of the lead were left bare and un-isolated. Apprentice then proceeded to connect the light fitting to the pre-prepared lead. While doing this, his hand brushed the live cable and he received a shock to his left “pinkie finger”. Apprentice failed to test any of the circuits to confirm they were dead prior to working on them.


Retrain employees in correct isolation procedures. Ensure apprentices are provided adequate supervision at all times. Retrain all supervising tradesmen on correct supervision requirements. Ensure effective risk assessment processes are used to identify all hazards at all times. Effectively control all hazards in the work place, identify and tag onto all isolated circuits. Test before you touch, all circuits “for dead” prior to commencing any work.

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