Electric Shock

Safety Alert: Electric Shock

Safety Alert No: 42

Date: 24 August 2012


An apprentice and his tradesman had completed an installation of a ceiling fan/light combo, tested, it was working, consequently the Tradesman directed the apprentice to tighten the retaining screw on the switch plate. As the apprentice was completing the task he reached up to
stop the fan circulating and received a shock!


Upon investigation it is apparent that the switch plate retaining screw had made a pin prick hole through the double insulation of a two core T.P.S cable making contact with an active conductor.

The apprentice reached to stop the circulating fan and at the same time his other hand was still holding the metal shaft of the screwdriver, it being still engaged in the head of the retaining screw, which in turn was in contact with the live conductor with a shock resulting and the RCD tripping.


Make sure the length of the retaining screw for switch plates and outlets are of suitable length so as not to pierce entering cable.

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