Electric Shock

Electric Shock
Safety Alert 60

Date: 9 March 2016

An EGT apprentice was working on a construction site with his host company upgrading existing A/C units with a flow switch component. The apprentice received an electric shock when he failed to turn the A/C unit isolator switch off before attempting to remove the cover from the unit control panel. As he removed the cover, his left middle finger slipped down and onto a live terminal inside the panel. This in turn caused him to drop the cover, which then also contacted live parts, causing the MCB to trip.

Left photo: A/C unit with the cover removed | Right photo: Live terminal inside the A/C unit

Root Cause

The apprentice failed to effectively isolate the A/C unit.



For further information regarding this Safety Alert, please contact the NECA OSH Team on (08) 6241 6100.