Electric Shock - Failure to Follow Procedures

Safety Alert: Electric Shock - Failure to Follow Procedures

Safety Alert No: 24

Date: July 2010


An EGT Apprentice touched a live cable in a junction that was assumed to be isolated. He had been working on a bank of isolated (Fluorescent lights) connecting 413 socket outlets. He incorrectly identified and opened a 413 socket outlet assuming it was part of the same circuit he had been working on. The 413 was in fact part of the essential services lighting circuit. When he was removing the twin active, he touched the red and white wires with different hands and received a shock.

It was identified that he had failed to test the 413 socket with a volt meter or volt stick to see if it was live prior to opening.


Remember safe working practices and the Isolate, Test and Tag Procedure and proper use of the voltstick.

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