High Voltage Work

Safety Alert: High Voltage Work

Safety Alert No: 45

In view of EGT’s concerns related to two recent incidents involving EGT apprentices participating in High Voltage work, it is important that all EGT hosts and EGT apprentices clearly understand, acknowledge and commit to EGT’s safety requirements and placement conditions.


It is EGT’s policy that no apprentice is permitted to carry out High Voltage Switching or any testing of equipment in the vicinity of energised High Voltage equipment.

An EGT apprentice is permitted to observe these activities only under strict, constant supervision with the appropriate risk assessment measures and processes in place.

Workshop or line activities on de-energised and non-supplied (not connected) HV equipment is permitted under normal supervisory guidelines.


As per the EGT Host agreement it is the host’s responsibility to ensure that apprentices are placed in work environments that meet the above EGT policy expectations.


It is the tradespersons responsibility to ensure that an EGT apprentice is supervised at all times and only observes activities as defined in the EGT policy.


It is the apprentice’s responsibility to ensure that they do not undertake any activities as precluded in the EGT policy above and to ensure that they complete a risk assessment to ensure their awareness of potential hazards associated with their work environment.


It is EGT’s responsibility to ensure that apprentices are monitored and are not undertaking High Voltage work as described above.

It is also EGT’s responsibility to ensure that apprentices are educated in what work they are permitted to carry out and empowered to ensure they can maintain their own safety.

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