Safety Alert: Injury Reporting Requirements

Safety Alert: Injury Reporting Requirements

Safety Alert No: 51

Date: 25 September 2014

Injury Reporting Requirements

Electrical Group Training (EGT) is committed to preventing workplace injuries. However, if our apprentices do sustain a workplace injury or illness, EGT is also committed to assisting injured workers to return to work as soon as medically appropriate. EGT will also adhere to the requirements of the Workers Compensation and Injury Act 1981, the Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Regulations 1982 and the Workers’ Compensation Code of Practice (Injury Management) 2005.

All staff at EGT support the injury management process and recognise that success relies on the active participation and cooperation of the injured worker (apprentices) and the EGT host employer.

Steps to be taken when an incident happens:

  1. Immediate on-site first aid treatment (if required).
  2. It is the responsibility of the Host Employer, Tradesman and EGT Apprentice to immediately report the incident to the NECA WA office by phone on (08) 6241 6100. This call will be directed to the appropriate Field Officer or the Injury Management Coordinator. Do not assume the other party has called an incident in to EGT.
  3. The Injury Management Coordinator will advise the injured party of the closest preferred medical provider, Redimed facility (see below for contact details).
  4. After treatment, arrangements will be made to complete the necessary Workers’ Compensation documentation with the injured apprentice and the NECA WA Injury Management Coordinator.

Redimed Locations


1 Frederick Street
Belmont WA 6104
(08) 9230 0900

Unit 1 / 23 Chalgrove Avenue
Rockingham WA 6168
(08) 9527 1585

Joondalup (Lakeside)
Shops E 08 & 09
420 Joondalup Drive
Joondalup WA 6027
(08) 9301 0545

In an emergency, call 000

By reporting your injury immediately and supplying the required documentation (i.e. all medical documentation, completed Take 5 etc.), EGT can ensure that injured apprentices make a speedy, safe and positive return to work following a workplace injury or illness. It will also contribute to effective incident investigations to help prevent recurrences.

Download a PDF copy of this safety alert.