Safety Alert: Lacerations

Safety Alert No: 50

Date: 25 July 2014

Last month there were 8 reported incidents recorded including EGT apprentices where the nature of the injury was either a cut or laceration to hands or fingers. This figure makes up a total of 44% of the injuries reported to the OSH team in the month of June 2014 (*Source: NECA Safe Online Safety Management System incident report).

Typical hazards/causes of cuts and lacerations

Knife and blade Safety

What can we do to prevent injuries?

Risk Assessments – Have you completed your Risk Assessment in your RAC book? Have you identified any potential hazards and taken steps to eliminate or reduce them?

Wear your PPE - Gloves are provided to all apprentices and are maintained by Electrical Group Training. Don’t have any gloves? Contact your field officer on 6241 6100.

Right Tool for the Task – Using the right tool for the task, in the right way will decrease the risk of injury.

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