68 - Wear the correct gloves

Date: 25th November 2016

Over the past several months there has been a number of hand / finger related injuries reported to Electrical Group Training (EGT). Injuries have included:

• Deep lacerations and cuts,

• Cut tendons,

• Bruising or contusions,

• Crushing injuries.

Why Do Hand Injuries Happen?

Even when apprentices seem to understand and know the existence of immediate hazards – hand and finger injuries still occur – Why?

The primary causal factors identified for these hand and finger injuries are:

• Poor or incorrect hand skills while using knives and other hand tools

• Coming into contact with rotating or moving powered machinery (i.e. spinning grinding wheels)

• Handling sharp objects without glove protection (i.e. electrical cable tray and A/C ducting)

• Using the incorrect tool for the job (i.e. knife instead of cable strippers)

• Placing hands and fingers in the “line of fire”

• Lifting / applying force incorrectly, and

• Using an incorrect pair of gloves for the job

Hand Protection Reminder

Gloves are an effective way to protect hands and wrists from cuts, abrasions, burns and irritants.

Selecting the appropriate hand protection is critical in the work environment. Gloves should be replaced periodically, depending on the frequency of use and permeability to the substance(s) handled. Using inferior gloves may not provide the protection needed.

Do a Risk Assessment

Apprentices should consider the most appropriate glove to wear as part of completing a risk assessment checklist (RAC) for the task they are about to commence.

The higher the rating the better the glove

Apprentices should be aware of the EN388 mechanical hazards rating system and select gloves accordingly. EGT supplied gloves have a pictogram and rating number as shown below. The rating number (in the example 1540) indicates the gloves performance against mechanical hazards.

1 (up to 4) for abrasion resistance

5 (up to 5) for blade cut resistance

4 (up to 4) for tear resistance

0 (up to 5) for puncture resistance

EGT recommended glove

Pro Choice Arax Cut 5 Gloves APUD - ideally suited to light to medium occupations requiring significant hand sensitivity, high level of cut protection and prolonged comfort (i.e. pulling cables, working with cable tray or metal duct etc.). EN388 rating 4542

Glove Features:

• Black Polyurethane Dip for superior sensitivity, dexterity and comfort.

• Arax Knit Technology with EN 388 Cut 5 Protection (the highest tear resistance rating in accordance with Australian Standards).

• EN 388 Level 4 Abrasion Resistance (the highest abrasion resistance rating in accordance with Australian Standards).

• EN 388 Level 4 Tear Resistance (the highest tear resistance rating in accordance with Australian Standards).

• EN 388 Level 2 Puncture Resistance • Form fitting design that emulate individual hand contour for the most comfortable fit.

• Contact heat resistant to 100ºC.

Remember - If you require replacement gloves contact the EGT Office or your Field Officer immediately to avoid any potential hand injuries.

Hands are the most important “tool” you will use – take care of them!