93 – Electric Shock


2 June 2021


A first year apprentice, tradesperson and a fourth year apprentice were working in close proximity at a commercial premise, working together to install soft wiring connection sockets. The first year apprentice had been instructed to prepare the tails on the soft wiring connection sockets and to then clean up the areas that the team had been working in. He had been instructed to then go and find the tradesperson downstairs for his next task.

The first year apprentice had finished their task but did not go downstairs for further instruction. As the tradesperson was not readily available to ask for further direction, he had asked the fourth year apprentice if there were any tasks that they could assist with.

The fourth year apprentice instructed the first year apprentice to assist him with installing the tails into the wall, connecting them to the existing GPOs. The first year apprentice was unable to unscrew the screws on the back of the GPO due to them being damaged, so the fourth year apprentice then instructed him to move into the next room to carry out the same task.

Unfortunately, the next room was not on the same circuit and had not been isolated. As the first year apprentice was working on bringing in and terminating the tail, he touched the live wires behind the existing GPO, receiving an electric shock.

Root Cause

Inadequate work procedures

Lack of knowledge / Inadequate supervision

Contributing Factors


Follow the ABC: Assume nothing, Believe no one, Check everything.

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