Safety Footwear

Safety Alert: Safety Footwear

Safety Alert No: 52

Date: 13 October 2014

Safety Footwear

A recent incident involving an EGT apprentice who was wearing inappropriate footwear on-site caused a fracture to the ankle. This has prompted EGT to reinforce the importance of wearing the correct safety protective footwear/boots that meet AS/NZS 2210.1 (Australian and New Zealand Standards) during all work activities on any site.

Having the correct footwear for the job is extremely important, as the risk of injury to the feet is common in many professions and occupations.

These injuries can cause short and long term problems, therefore it is paramount that the correct certified footwear is selected and worn on-site.

In general, safety protective footwear should be worn to reduce injuries to feet resulting from:

(a) Contact with Falling, Rolling or Cutting Objects;
(b) Penetration through the Sole or Uppers;
(c) Friction or Pressure Blistering;
(d) Explosions and Electrical Hazards;
(e) Contact with Chemicals and Heat;
(f) Slipping; and
(g) Rolling ankles on uneven surfaces

The EGT Apprentice Uniform and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Guidelines state the following:

It is a requirement for all apprentices who enter a worksite, to wear the appropriate safety footwear at all times.

All safety footwear must be:

Under no circumstances are EGT apprentices to wear sports runners/sneakers/trainers (e.g. Dunlop Volleys) or Motorbike Safety Boots during work activities on any site.

Download a PDF copy of this safety alert.