Uniform Policy

Safety Alert: Uniform Policy

Safety Alert No: 35

Date: June 2011

The Electrical Group Training (EGT) PPE and Uniform policy has recently been updated. Employees should always be dressed neatly and appropriately for the type of work they perform. Current uniforms must always be worn when on duty and should be kept in good order at all times. All items of the uniform must be worn as per supplied condition.

From the 1st of June, all staff required to enter a worksite must now be wearing the following items as a minimum:

• Long sleeve, Hi visible, 100% cotton shirt (sleeves must be rolled down and buttoned)

• Long pants (shorts must NOT be worn under any circumstances)

• Protective footwear (Steel-capped lace up boots) The wearing of side elasticised boots will soon be stopped

• Gloves and glove clips must remain with the worker at all times (clipped to belt or worn)

• Safety glasses must be worn and/or kept on the person at all times

This policy is in accordance with section 19(1) (d) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 (WA). Electrical Group Training believes that the safety and appearance of employees, reflects the image of the group and has a significant impact on the way it is viewed by our customers, employees and the general public.

Tattoos – that could be perceived to be offensive, should be discretely covered (e.g. tattoos of naked men/women, skulls or daggers dripping blood, etc).

Jewellery – should be discrete and professional in appearance. Ear piercing is acceptable, provided the jewellery is of a conservative and professional nature. In order to maintain a safe workplace, the wearing of piercings that pose a risk to the wearer, is not permitted during work hours, such as the nose rings and eyebrow rings, etc. “Tunnel” type ear rings are only permitted if they are a maximum width of 6mm. Please note if your Host Employer has a policy against wearing jewellery you must adhere to there instructions.

The new policy will come into effect and is enforced immediately; however there is a 3 month grace period (end of August) before disciplinary action will be taken for those who do not comply.

In the event of apprentices attending work in a way that is not in line with this policy, their manager will advise them that they are not dressed or groomed appropriately to perform their duties, on the first occasion. The employee will be given the opportunity to address the issue immediately, and if necessary, to return home to change (the time to travel and change will not be paid).

Any incidents after the 1st of September, will be considered a breach of EGT policy and further disciplinary action will be taken in accordance with the EGT Performance Management policy.

Apprentices are invited to phone the office on 6241 6100 and order replacement trousers (in lieu of shorts).

Any questions or queries are to be directed to your Field Officer.

For further information and for a full copy of this policy, please go to http://www.egt.net.au/policies

Download a PDF copy of this Safety Alert.