Uniform & PPE

Safety Alert: Uniform & PPE

Safety Alert No: 54

Date: 9 January 2015

Uniform & PPE

The EGT Uniform and PPE Policy is designed to ensure EGT employees are always dressed neatly and appropriately for the type of work they perform. Current uniforms must always be worn and should be kept in good condition at all times.

From June 2011, it has been a requirement that all apprentices wear the following items as a minimum:

This policy is in accordance with section 19(1) (d) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 (WA). EGT believes that the safety and appearance of our apprentices reflects the image of EGT and has a significant impact on the reduction of injuries.

EGT is re-launching the Uniform and PPE Policy in 2015 and compliance with the policy by all employees is expected.

We recently received good feedback from apprentices and host employers that has enabled us to improve the quality and durability of the uniform we supply. From 2015 we will be making the following changes to our uniform and PPE:

Moving to compliance in 2015:

Your field officer will discuss this alert and the EGT Uniform and PPE Policy with you in early 2015. If you are found to be non-compliant with the policy and you cannot comply immediately (e.g. by putting on your gloves) then your field officer will be returning to check compliance and disciplinary action may be taken. Depending upon the circumstances, disciplinary action can include verbal warnings, written warnings, and suspension or termination of your employment.

Common questions:

Q: What happens if my host supplies a uniform?
A: That’s fine, as long as it meets our long and long, 100% cotton requirements. If not, you need to wear your EGT uniform.

Q: What happens at CET or TAFE?
A: You are required to wear the uniform in accordance with this alert and the EGT Uniform and PPE policy at CET and/or TAFE.

Q: What if I already have warnings on my file about other safety or performance issues?
A: Then you may be subject to disciplinary measures which can include suspension or termination of your employment.

Q: What if I need more shirts, pants, boots etc.?
A: EGT’s uniform supplier’s details are below. They are fully aware of the EGT Uniform and PPE Policy and will facilitate the issue of your annual uniform supply (that is due on your change of year date) or you can purchase additional items at our cost price.

Totally Work Wear – MALAGA ONLY
Unit 5, 58 Crocker Drive, Malaga WA 6090
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm
Phone: (08) 9249 6661

Stuart Diepeveen
General Manager Electrical Group Training

I can be contacted by phone on 6241 6106 or by email should you wish to discuss this alert or our policies in general. Thank you for your support in improving safety outcomes for all of our apprentices in 2015.