Additional Contact Information

For additional contact information relating to Administration inquiries, Host placements, Field Officer details and more, please see below.

Administration & General Enquiries
For information on off the job training, mandatory and additional training courses, EGT Apprentice app enquiries, please contact Emma Coll or Cristy Marinich on (08) 6241 6171 or email

Host Placements
For information on placements please contact Rosa Taylor on (08) 6241 6172 or email

Apprentice Placements
For information on your new placement, you can contact the EGT Admin Team on (08) 6241 6178.

Field Officers
Carmelo Ierino: 0416 236 972
Charlie Villani: 0409 881 021
Greg Ross: 0407 990 674

Senior Field Officer
Gary Livett: 0423 834 863

Apprentice Payroll
For all payroll enquiries please contact Jemma Edwards, Kelly White, Stephen Hunter (08) 6241 6168 or

For information on recruitment enquiries please contact Debbie Nash or Lesley Johnston on (08) 6241 6174 or email

EGT Accounts
For all your account information please contact Allison Tedeschi, Gerri Latto, Kylie Tamehana, Louise Eaton, Sheryl Guthrie or Sian Rolle on (08) 6241 6100 or email