EGT 2014 Survey Results

In December 2014, Electrical Group Training (EGT) conducted a survey amongst our host employers, apprentices and staff, and I am pleased to say that once again, the response rate was good and the feedback valuable.

Some of the positives from the surveys include:

Those who responded were satisfied or better:

Those who responded said that our performance had improved:

Those who responded said the most important thing to them was:

But let’s not sugar coat it; we also received some negative feedback. Some of the negatives from the surveys include:

Those who responded as dissatisfied or worse:

One of the most valuable things to come out of these surveys is the free comment area where you can tell us how you think we can improve our services. Some of the improvement suggestions include:

EGT is busy reviewing ALL the feedback from the survey which will play a part in strategic and operational planning for 2015. Some of the things we are considering are reviewing budget constraints and funding opportunities to enable us to offer more training funded by EGT and setting up apprentice/host focus groups to review the quality and amount of PPE available and to identify improvements to the EGT Apprentice App. If you would like to join a focus group, please email or phone (08) 6241 6106. We are also continuing our search for an improved apprentice payroll system and hope to have news about this later in the year.

What we have done already (as I’m sure you’re aware from Safety Alert #54) is review the uniform, boots and gloves supplied by EGT. This year, cargo pants will be made available instead of the current straight drill pants. Boot quality has been upgraded for better durability and the boot reimbursement (for those who buy their own) has increased to $100. We will also issue two new pairs of gloves – one general-purpose (without tips on the thumb, index and middle fingers) and one heavier duty full finger glove for any work involving lifting and sharp edges etc.

These type of improvements can’t be made without the valued feedback we receive, so if you have something to say about any aspect of EGT, feel free to get in contact with us by phoning (08) 6241 6100 or email

Finally, congratulations to our survey winners who walked away with $250 gift vouchers - apprentice Sam Simmonds, host employer Martyn Donnelly from Sherwood Electrical and staff member Katherine Phillips. Thank you all for your valuable feedback.

Stuart Diepeveen
General Manager EGT

Published on: Friday, 6 March 2015