Look Twice, Act Once - Winter Special Part 2: Stay Warm!

Winter can be a cold, wet, and miserable time – especially for a country so used to sunshine and heat. So naturally, our clothing choices usually lean more toward the shorts and thongs, rather than the jumpers and fur-lined boots.

But, it is highly important you stay warm during winter – especially when working outdoors, or on worksites which may be open to the elements. So here are our hot tips for staying warm on the job!

  1. Layer up!

    Having multiple layers on, which are thinner, is a much better alternative then having two or three larger pieces of clothing on. You can also have great results by wearing thicker socks, and having an undershirt on will go a long way to help keep the heat in. Choose layers which can be easily removed or put on as the day goes by, to help regulate your temperature. If you’re working in a snowy region of Australia, thermals can be an option, but be aware that they may make you heat up and are difficult to cool down.
  2. Wool, not synthetic.

    We covered this in our previous post, but we want to reiterate it here. Wool will keep you warm when it’s wet, and will also naturally do a better job of keeping you warm than synthetic fibers. We know, wool can be expensive – but wearing undergarments like wool shirts or singlets can be a real life-saver on a cold, blustery day.
  3. Protect your head!

    You might have heard that a human loses a large percentage of its body head through the head. Whilst this isn’t true, what is true is that most people tend to rug up the rest of their body and ignore their head – therefore losing most of their heat through their head being cold. So a beanie, or a wool flat cap can go a long way during winter. And if you are wearing a helmet, remember to pick something which will fit under the helmet snugly.
  4. Handwarmers are a near must

    When your hands are cold, they’re far less dexterous. They also can lose some fine motor control, and can shake – potentially causing you at the least frustration, and at the most some fatal errors. Hand warmers – whether the be gloves under your work gloves, or physical hand-warming products which you can buy as a single-use item – can therefore be an absolute saviour during the dead of winter.
  5. Pack hot drinks

    Hot drinks like tea, coffee, or even just hot water can keep you going during a cold day. A thermos full of hot liquid to sip on throughout the day can not only give you a much-needed pep up on a cold morning, but can also keep you hydrated which is vital to keeping yourself healthy, your immune system boosted, and will actually keep you warmer in the colder months of the year.
  6. Know when to call it quits (for the day)

    It’s not worth being blown off a scaffold just to get that one last light socket in. When the weather is inclement, and you’re unsure if you should continue don’t be afraid to down tools to stay safe, stay warm, and stay dry. Remember, your SAFETY is the most important thing!

So there you have it – just a few ways to keep you warm during the winter months. And remember, staying warm isn’t about generating heat – it’s about keeping what heat you naturally have, in. So choose your clothing wisely, buy good quality garments, pack yourself some hot drinks, and keep those hands warm to ensure you can be as safe as you can be when exposed to the elements.

Published on: Friday, 22 July 2022