Look Twice, Act Once - Jan pt.2 - Sun Safety (Refresher)

We know, we know. We sound like a broken record. But, just last week, South Australian health authorities have issued a skincare warning to their citizens after a sudden rise in the number of people admitted to hospital with severe sunburn. So, it’s a big deal. And whilst the temperatures over east haven’ treally hit the typical Australian heat levels, here in WA they certainly have.

So as a reminder, here are a few things you should absolutely do to stay safe in the heat of the Aussie summer.

Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek, Slide.

Slip on a shirt, Slop on some Sunscreen, Slap on a hat, Seek shade, and Slide on some sunglasses. But its not just that. Cover up as much as you can – we know that long-sleeved shirts and long pants in the summer are at best uncomfortable, but we also know that they help protect you from a plethora of different hazards – not least of all being the sun, but also from burns, cuts, abrasions, and a bunch of other potential hazards on site. Sunscreen is a must – and as always the highest protection you can get is best (SPF50+ works very well), and so too is a proper hat with a wide brim to protect you. If you are going to wear a cap, wear it properly (i.e., not backwards) to cover your face and forehead. And sunglasses are a must as well – just make sure they meet the shatter standards and wrap around to protect your eyes from every angle especially if you’re using them as safety glasses too.

And remember with Sunscreen, to reapply every two hours, and to check the expiration date before you use it.

Take regular breaks

Summer means heat. We can’t express this enough. So, with heat, also comes sweating, and general exhaustion. That old saying: “The heat takes it out of you” – it’s true on so many levels. Physical strength, mental constitution, and hydration are all sapped by the power of the big burning ball of hydrogen we know as the sun. So, it is wise in Summer to take regular breaks to rehydrate, sit for a minute, and collect your thoughts, and just get off your feet for a bit. This allows you to cool down, and refocus, which helps you avoid any mistakes which may result in an accident.

Don’t ignore the signs

If you think you might be suffering from the effects of heat – whether that’s just exhaustion, sun burn, or heat stroke – stop working, seek shade and take a seat, and immediately drink some water. If symptoms get worse – then immediately seek medical attention. Remember to listen to your body and what it is telling you, and if you happen to be exhibiting the effects of heat stroke (slurred speech, confusion, or hot,dry skin) then immediately call 000.

Remember, stay safe in the sun. Keep your wits about you, play it safe and keep it steady – and you’ll get out the other end of summer hunky dory.

Published on: Friday, 20 January 2023