"EGT is giving something back to industry by training our future workforce and providing access to quality apprentices.

Electek has greatly benefited by using EGT's apprentices. We have access to motivated and well trained apprentices that help us meet our workload.

In addition to supporting our immediate business needs, it also provides us with an opportunity to train apprentices to a high standard in a safe working environment. Over the past couple of years, we have employed 4 ex-EGT apprentices as tradesmen in our business."

Ian Swain, Electek

"Williams Electrical have been employing and training EGT apprentice since EGT's inception in 1998. We employ EGT apprentices because it provides us with a flexible workforce that we can change to suit our workload. At any given time we have at least six or seven EGT apprentices working on various projects and in peak times we employ up to fifteen. Whenever we urgently need additional labour, EGT has always been able to provide us with suitable apprentices. We have hosted a number of apprentices for their entire apprenticeship and in many cases have employed those apprentices once they are qualified. The ability to adapt our workforce and screen apprentices to find the ones that best suit our business works well for us":

Trevor Gerrick, Williams Electrical

"Cable Logic are committed to giving apprentices the right start to their career and have been training EGT apprentices for the past 17 years. One of the main benefits for us has been flexibility. Cable Logic prefer to take on apprentices early and teach them a variety of skills within our industry and EGT allow this. We also have occasions where we need an extra pair of hands and hand the apprentice back when they're no longer needed. EGT has always been able to meet these demands; it's been rare that we haven't been able to access an apprentice when we've needed one. If for some reason the apprentice doesn't fit our business, then we've had the option to replace them with another. The other benefit is the support EGT provides. Field Officers are always available to help the apprentices or assist with any issues that arise during the placement. We have enjoyed a positive relationship with EGT; the arrangement works for the apprentices and us".

Doreen Munday & Martin Bruford, Cable Logic

"The KLM Group has been providing on the job training to EGT apprentices for over ten years; during that time we've had over 100 apprentices work with us. The key reason we've used EGT apprentices is our ability to increase or decrease the size of our workforce depending on workload. In busy periods we can employ more apprentices and in quiet times, we can arrange for them to have another placement.

It's an excellent opportunity to look at their skills, experience and attitude to work before committing to an employment contract. The other thing that's great about EGT is their continuous monitoring of their apprentices. EGT now contact us prior to their field visits, keeping us in the loop and making sure that apprentices receive the training and work support they need. Overall the arrangement with EGT works well for us."

Simon Cox, KLM Group

"Datatel has been training EGT apprentices since 1999. I was the first EGT apprentice at Datatel and over those 13 years, we've trained over 100 apprentices. Datatel is committed to apprentice training and provides the best possible on the job training with highly qualified tradesmen. We've ensured that training plan requirements are met and extra assistance is given where necessary, including access to our mentoring program.

Our relationship with EGT has been excellent over the years. We have a great working relationship with Charlie Villani whose dedication to his apprentices is equal to our own. Kaye Munro in payroll is extremely helpful and always goes the extra mile for us. Rosa Vann, who manages our placements, ensures we get the right apprentice for the right job. We recently had a requirement to conduct night shift work for one of our major clients. EGT was able to provide us with the necessary apprentices to enable us to complete the work. Rosa Vann took care to ensure that the apprentices would be available for the necessary length of time and were suitable for the work requirements. The team of apprentices did an excellent job. Our communication with EGT is exceptional. All issues or concerns regarding apprentices are handled in a timely and professional manner. Charlie Villani is always available to take our calls and resolve issues without drama or fuss.

For a while we employed our own apprentices but we found that they tended to leave at the end of their apprenticeship in search of 'greener pastures'. We've gone back to training EGT apprentices as they have a high standard of skills and access to a range of industry experience. Apprentices that have worked with EGT have had the chance to move around during their apprenticeship and are more likely to stay with Datatel when we employ them at the end of their apprenticeship. Some of our 'hosted' apprentices are now amongst our top tradesmen.

We are proud of our association with EGT and its dedication to the young men and women seeking apprenticeships within Western Australia."

Mike Merry, Datatel