Recruitment Process

The recruitment process at EGT is both specialised and competitive.

There are 3 Stages to EGT’s Recruitment Process to target an applicant’s suitability to the trade, to our organisation and respond to the electrical and communications industry needs.

EGT Recruitment Process:

Stage 1: EGT Pre-Selection Test Assessments

Please note: applicants may be required to attend a 20 minute one on one interview.

Be prepared for your EGT Interview!

Stage 2: EGT Pre-Employment Program

Should you successfully complete EGT's Pre-Employment Program, EGT may present you with an offer of employment.

Stage 3: EGT Induction

After your induction you will be ready to be placed with an EGT Host Employer.

Tips for applying for an Apprenticeship:

Click here to view our Adult Apprentice Policy.

If you have any queries please fill out our query form and we will respond to you as soon as possible.