Recruitment Process

The recruitment process at EGT is both specialised and competitive.

There are 3 Stages to EGT’s Recruitment Process to target an applicant’s suitability to the trade, to our organisation and respond to the electrical and communications industry needs.

EGT Recruitment Process:

Tips for applying for an apprenticeship:

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Stage 1: EGT Pre-Selection Test Assessments

Please note: applicants may be required to attend a 20 minute one on one interview.

Be prepared for your EGT Interview!

Stage 2: EGT Pre-Employment Program

Should you successfully complete EGT's Pre-Employment Program, EGT may present you with an offer of employment.

Stage 3: EGT Induction

After your induction you will be ready to be placed with an EGT Host Employer.

If you have any queries please fill out our query form and we will respond to you as soon as possible.