Electrical Apprenticeships made easy!

Electrical Group Training (EGT) is the largest employer of electrical apprentices in Australia. Our apprentices are amongst the safest and best trained in the electro technology industry.

As a not-for-profit group training organisation, EGT employs and trains apprentices within the industry and places them with a host for an agreed period of time, in order to gain various on the job experience.

Electrical Group Training provides opportunities to build life long careers, whilst delivering host employers with low risk, flexible, hassle-free employment solutions.

Since 1988 EGT (then EEGAS) has provided a consistent supply of high quality, skilled employees to meet current and future labour and skills needs. Commencing with just 12 apprentices, EGT is now the largest employer of electrical apprentices in Western Australia with over 400 apprentices working across a range of areas.

As the employer of choice for the electro-technology industry, EGT’s employees include:

Over 240 host employers provide EGT apprentices with on the job training. Host employers are generally small businesses employing less than twenty employees, who benefit from the straight forward employment arrangements offered through EGT.

Off the job training is delivered by the College of Electrical Training (CET) and various Public Providers (TAFE colleges) to ensure apprentices continually enhance their skills.

EGT apprentices also benefit from mandatory training in areas such as:

EGT apprentices also benefit from additional training in areas such as: