What is an Electrical Apprenticeship?

An electrical apprenticeship is a 4 year period during which an apprentice is contracted to an electrical contractor to learn all about, and become qualified in the electrical trade. It combines practical experience in the workplace with structured off the job-training at a contracted training provider such as the College of Electrical Training or TAFE.


The term of an apprenticeship in the electrical industry is four years and includes on and off the job training.

In Western Australia apprenticeships are delivered under a competency based, flexible training system. Workplace and off the job training and assessment procedures have been introduced based on the skills the apprentice should acquire over the term of the apprenticeship. Off the job training is either one day per week or as a block (anywhere from 1-3 weeks at a time) at a training college and the rest of the time is spent on the job.

Apprenticeships offer you the ability to earn money while you learn a qualification and build practical skills. Applicants must be able to demonstrate the following:

Applicants are required to complete the online application form and upload the following documentation/evidence: