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What are the benefits of an electrical apprenticeship?

At the end of the four years, you will have an in-demand trade qualification, a set of skills that will make you a highly desirable employee, and the option to become your own boss in the future (with further training). The qualification and skills you acquire are highly sought after across a wide variety of industries.

Your trade qualification may even be recognised as prior learning for some university courses, such as electrical engineering, or for other vocational pursuits, as many of the skills taught in an apprenticeship in the electrical industry are highly transferable.

And don’t forget that an apprenticeship pays you to learn. So while your friends at uni might be accruing a mountain of debt - as an apprentice you’ll be earning money while studying. That means that you get a leg up at the start of your career!

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An apprenticeship in the electrical industry is four years

In Western Australia, apprenticeships are delivered under a competency-based, flexible training system. Workplace, and off-the-job training and assessment procedures are based on the skills an apprentice should acquire over the term of the apprenticeship. Off-the-job training is usually completed one day per week or as a block (between one and three weeks at a time) at a training provider such as the College of Electrical Training. The rest of the time is spent on-the-job.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate the following:

  • The ability to undertake manual tasks
  • Self-starter / positive attitude
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to liaise with customers, clients, and management
  • Provide evidence of colour vision testing
  • Be able to pass ongoing drug and alcohol screening
  • Good mathematics skills and a willingness to learn.

Applicants are required to complete the online application form and upload the following documentation/evidence:

  • Birth certificate or proof of residency
  • Drivers Licence
  • Pre-apprenticeship or National Readiness Assessment
  • Colour Vision test result
  • National Police Certificate (required if you are 18+ and must be obtained within the last 3 months)
  • White Card
  • USI Number.

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