Safety Alert 106 - Isolation (Never Work Live)


Over the last five years in WA alone, we have lost five electrical workers to fatal electrical shocks. A further 56 electrical workers have received serious shocks in the same timeframe, resulting in hospitalisation.These figures don’t include all the reported shocks that have fortunately had no serious consequences, as well as those that have not been reported on at all.

Serious electrical shocks have been on the decline since the implementation of Regulation 55 in 2018, but this does not mean we should be complacent. Electrical work IS DANGEROUS if the risks are not controlled correctly.


Regulation 55 is a section of the Electricity (Licensing) Regulations 1991. This section refers to the requirements around working on or near energised equipment.This section outlines the need to exhaust all other options before conducting work on or near energised equipment. If isolation is not required (in extremely rare circumstances), the section outlines the necessary requirements regarding Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) and personal protective equipment (PPE).


The best way to keep yourself safe from the risk of electric shock is to ALWAYS ISOLATE. All EGT apprentices have a Test Before You Touch Isolation Checklist (IITT) o n the back of the Risk Assessment in their RAC booklet. IITT stands for Identify, Isolate, Tag and Test.

Ensure that you are familiar with this checklist and know how to implement it correctly.
•Always check that you have isolated all energy sources on site.
•Always test before you touch.

Remember your ABC – Assume nothing, Believe no-one, Check everything

To see how to correctly use the IITT checklist, Click here


Please make sure you have read and understand all of the following documents.

External documents
Regulation 55 of the Electricity (Licensing) Regulations 1991 – also available on the Technical Knowledge Base here.
Code of Practice for Persons working on or near energised electrical installations

EGT Policies

No Working Live Policy
Volt Stick Guidelines for Apprentices

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