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EGT Apprentice charge-out discount is changing on 1 July - What you need to know EGT Charge-out rate discount changes - What you need to know

Workplace Health & Safety

To help in this endeavour, EGT employs a team of safety experts who create safety policies and procedures of the highest standard, that are regularly reviewed and comply with changing WHS legislation.

EGT apprentices complete a range of mandatory safety training throughout their apprenticeship, and businesses must pass a safety assessment before they are approved to be EGT host employers.

And, our host employers also undertake a safety assessment every year as they continue to work with us. This ensures our apprentices are as safe as they can be. 

EGT also works on a variety of safety initiatives designed to help us achieve our safety goal of No Harm. This includes our #looktwiceactonce apprentice campaign, frequent Safety Alerts to apprentices and host employers, and regularly recognising workers who demonstrate safety best practice through our No Harm Awards.

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