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Looking to hire an electrical apprentice?

Electrical Group Training can help you find the right apprentice for your business. We will do our best to match you with the apprentice that has the skills and aptitude to suit the work your business does and for how long you need them - whether that's for two weeks or four years. You can also specify what apprentice year level you prefer - from first year to fourth year.

When you no longer need an apprentice, you can provide us with the required notice and we will arrange a new host employer.

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Apprentice Charge Out Calculator

This is the easiest way to calculate your investment in an EGT apprentice. Please note, however, whilst all efforts are undertaken to provide an accurate representation of the potential investment you will need to make, this calculator is indicative only.

What is a host employer?

Host employers are usually small to medium size businesses that provide on-the-job training and experience. EGT also works with larger companies who utilise our services in industries such as mining, power, and development. EGT takes care of the paperwork, monitoring, off-the-job training, workers compensation, and performance management - so you can focus on your business.

EGT carefully monitor and support their apprentices throughout their apprenticeship, and assist host employers with any matter relating to the apprentice or host employer relationship. This includes managing any disciplinary issues or serious matters which may arise while you are hosting an EGT apprentice.

NECA WA Members Save 5% Off Apprentice Hire*

NECA WA members receive a 5% discount on the charge out rate for apprentice hire. This discount applies for the length of their membership with NECA WA and, for many electrical contractors, this saving amounts to the equivalent of their annual membership fee.

A business hiring one first year apprentice for five days per week over a ten month period could save up to $1,607. Request An Apprentice or contact us. Not a NECA WA member? Join up here.

*This feature is available for full fee paying business memberships only (excludes trial and individual associate memberships).

Host employer obligations

Host employers are required to provide EGT’s apprentices with:

  • A safe working environment
  • Appropriate supervision
  • A variety of on-the-job experience
  • Time to attend off-the-job training
  • Access to their EGT Field Officer and EGT staff who may visit the apprentice’s workplace as required.

EGT looks after everything else! All you need to do is pay for the time the apprentice works for you. To hire an EGT electrical apprentice, contact us today.

Egt Timesheet And Payroll Portal

EGT Timesheet & Payroll Portal

View the instructions for using the EGT Timesheet & Payroll Portal.

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