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Benefits of being a host employer

There are many benefits to hiring an Electrical Group Training apprentice to work in your business. It’s a convenient business solution that will free your time to focus on other aspects of your business.

EGT employs experts in human resources, safety, injury management, workers compensation and payroll, ensuring all aspects of apprentice management are covered. That way, you can concentrate on your work while transferring your trade knowledge to the next generation of electricians.

Benefits of hosting an EGT electrician apprentice

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EGT manages apprentice recruitment

Apprentice applicants undertake various aptitude tests, a detailed selection process, carry out extensive safety and hand skills training, and complete an induction before they are placed in your business.

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A simple way to hire an apprentice with minimal paperwork

We take the stress out of hiring and managing employees by taking care of the recruitment, monitoring, college or TAFE training, dealing with grievances, performance management, administering payroll including superannuation, injury management, and workers compensation, where required. Essentially, EGT take on all administrative obligations as the employer of the apprentice.

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Flexible timeframes

EGT aims to provide apprentices for your business when you need them. Apprentices are available on a short, medium or long term basis to meet your workload demands, from a minimum of two weeks and up to four years.

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Tailored service

EGT provides personalised services to meet the needs of your business. We can recruit or supply apprentices to meet your specific business and workforce needs.

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Minimal risk

If there are any problems during your arrangement with EGT, we are here to fix them. We take responsibility for providing placements, managing apprentice performance and handling any apprentice issues.

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Safety support

EGT's safety team can assist you to implement safety policies and procedures and comply with legislation.

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Try before committing

Host employers have the opportunity to try out apprentices in their business, and can easily return them to EGT if they aren’t the right fit. This is particularly beneficial if you are interested in a long term placement. You have the opportunity to access apprentices and train them to suit your business. Many EGT apprentices accept employment with their host employer upon completion of their apprenticeship.

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Access to skilled and qualified people

Given their comprehensive training and rigorous selection process, EGT apprentices are always in high demand, not only as apprentices but as tradespeople when they complete their training.

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Support and mentorship from a dedicated EGT Field Officer

Every apprentice has an EGT Field Officer who provides ongoing mentoring, support, and advice.

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EGT Apprentices come to you 'work ready'

Apprentices are equipped with industry-standard tools, personal protective equipment, EGT uniform, and safety boots.

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We take care of college training

EGT arranges and pays for off-the-job training and all associated administrative obligations.

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Only pay for when your apprentice works for you!

EGT covers the cost of ‘non-work’ days, including college training and public holidays.

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