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L2A1: Spring Part 1 - Magpies

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Swoop There It Is! Navigating Magpie Season Safely at Electrical Work Sites

Springtime in Australia can be quite a delightful experience, yet it also marks the onset of magpie swooping season. These birds are highly protective of their nests and can pose a unique challenge for those working outdoors, including electrical workers. Let's dive into how to manage this seasonal phenomenon while adhering to our 'Look Twice, Act Once' safety mantra.

Why Do Magpies Swoop?

Magpies are territorial birds that become particularly aggressive when protecting their young. As electrical work often takes place in open or semi-open environments, the chances of encountering a swooping magpie increase during this period.

Safety Measures to Take

  1. Know the Signs: Magpies often show warning signs like loud calls or circling above before swooping down.
  2. Avoid Eye Contact: Magpies are less likely to swoop if they feel unobserved.
  3. Use Decoys: Placing fake eyes or painted helmets can deter magpies.
  4. Keep Calm: If a magpie does swoop, try not to panic or make sudden moves, as this might provoke further swooping.

Final Thoughts

While magpies are an integral part of the Australian identity, safety at the electrical work site should always be our priority. Following our 'Look Twice, Act Once' guideline will ensure that everyone remains aware and takes precautionary steps.

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