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L2A1: Spring Part 2 - Hibernation

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Spring Awakening: How Animals Emerging from Hibernation Affect Electrical Work Sites

Spring is upon us, and it brings with it not only blooming flowers and warmer temperatures but also the reawakening of wildlife. Animals emerging from hibernation can pose new challenges and safety risks at electrical work sites. As part of our 'Look Twice, Act Once' safety campaign, we'll explore how the spring season's natural occurrences can have an impact on our work environment and the precautions we should be taking.

Unwanted Visitors: Wildlife Emergence

During the winter months, many animals go into hibernation as a survival mechanism against the cold weather and scarcity of food. Come spring, these animals wake up and start to explore their surroundings. As a result, there’s a heightened chance of encountering wildlife like snakes near work sites.

Safety Risks

Animals roaming around can create several hazards:

  1. Equipment Tampering: Small animals may seek warmth and shelter around generators or inside conduits.
  2. Distractions: An animal suddenly appearing can distract workers, leading to mistakes or accidents.
  3. Bites and Attacks: Some animals might perceive humans as threats and act defensively.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

  1. Regular Inspections: Look around for any signs of animal nesting or activity during your site inspections.
  2. Animal-proof Your Site: Use mesh or netting to cover up areas where animals could potentially nest.
  3. Stay Alert: Always be aware of your surroundings. If you spot an animal, do not try to chase it away yourself unless you have been trained to do so.

In Conclusion

Spring brings new life into the world, but it also brings new challenges that electrical workers need to be prepared for. As always, our ‘Look Twice, Act Once’ motto reminds us to be vigilant and prioritise safety above all else.

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