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Your Guide to Apprentice Electrician Wages in Australia

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Not only will you acquire hands-on skills, but you'll also earn a living while you learn - talk about a win-win situation. 

If you're looking for a detailed overview of apprentice electrician wages in Australia, we’ve got you covered. 

The Basics of Apprenticeship Wages

It's natural to be curious about your potential income while you learn your trade. The good news is, apprenticeship wages in Australia are structured to grow with your experience. 

While your starting wage might be lower than some entry-level jobs, the long-term payoff is well worth it. Think about it - you're gaining hands-on experience, earning a formal qualification, and setting yourself up for a prosperous career. Sounds like a pretty good deal, right?

Understanding Federal Awards and Apprentice Wages

Most apprenticeships in Australia, including electrical ones, follow the federal award system. This means your wages increase as you progress through your apprenticeship. This could be time-based (for example, an annual increase), or competency-based (based on the skills you've gained). This, along with other benefits, will depend on the specific award that your apprenticeship falls under.

A Snapshot of Electrical Apprentice Wages

Let's dive into the numbers. Electrical apprenticeships come under the Electrical, Electronic and Communications Contracting Award 2010 [MA000025]. And, in it it sets out the minimum amounts that apprentices can be paid. However, keep in mind that is the bare minimum - and this amount often changes from state to state, and even from employer to employer. It can differ based on your jobsite - so keep that in mind. 

We also need to talk about the difference between loaded and unloaded wages. Essentially, un-loaded wage is your base rate. But, on top of that you also get a bunch of allowances including tool, industry and licence allowances. So once you add all those up, and if you're an electrical apprentice who started the journey before turning 21, here's what you might expect to earn weekly:

1st year apprentice electrician wage

2nd year apprentice electrician wage

3rd year apprentice electrician wage

4th year apprentice electrician wage


Remember, these numbers are just a guide. Various factors can affect your actual wage, such as your age, level of schooling, the state you're in, and when you started your apprenticeship.

Wages for Mature Age Electrical Apprentices

If you began your apprenticeship after turning 21, you fall into the category of a mature age or adult apprentice. Your wages will typically be higher to reflect your additional skills, life experience, and higher living costs.

Here's an estimated weekly breakdown:

1st year: $875.92
2nd, 3rd and 4th year: $956.20

Unlike younger apprentices, mature age apprentices start on a higher wage, which tends to level out sooner.

Exceptions to Federal Award Wages

Not all apprenticeships follow the federal award system. Some organisations offer their own awards with higher wages to attract top talent. Similarly, an Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) is a legally binding agreement negotiated between employers, employees, and their union. These often offer better pay and conditions but are more common in large-scale projects.

Why Wages Vary Across Apprenticeships

Wages can differ from one industry to another, usually balancing out with working conditions. For instance, a construction apprentice might earn more than a fitter and turner due to the challenging conditions in construction, such as weather, travel times, and safety considerations.


An electrical apprenticeship anywhere in Australia is a unique opportunity to gain hands-on skills while earning a competitive wage that increases with your experience. 

As an electrical apprentice, you can expect a steady progression in your earnings, reflecting their growing competencies and skills. 

The exact wages can vary based on age, education, location, and employment agreements. With these considerations in mind, an electrical apprenticeship offers a rewarding pathway to a rewarding career in a high-demand industry. 

Ready to embark on your electrical apprenticeship journey? Apply for an apprenticeship today or get in touch with the friendly team at EGT to learn more.

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