What is a Host Employer

EGT provides a hassle free facility for employers to host EGT apprentices. It is a risk free, flexible and streamline method of employing apprentices.

EGT carefully selects motivated, enthusiastic applicants for electrician apprenticeships with the required aptitude for the trade. All apprentices undertake a thorough induction to ensure they are work ready before working for your business.

Host employers are usually small to medium size businesses that provide on-the-job training and experience. EGT looks after all the paperwork, monitoring, off-the-job training, workers compensation and performance management.

EGT carefully monitors apprentices, and supports host employers on any matter related to the apprenticeship. Furthermore, EGT remains responsible for resolving disciplinary issues and serious matters, allowing you to get on with your business.

As a host employer you can specify the level of skill you require – anything from first year to fourth year – and the length of time you need them - from as short as two weeks to the full four years. We will then find the right person for your required needs.